Episode 4 – Dan Brush & Bart Jellema XS2 – Why they built a new crypto exchange

Episode Four 1 hr 5 Mins


For me, the last 18 months following the development of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  I have gone from…. this changes everything, to just drive the UBER I don’t want to buy into your ICO.

Today we are hopefully passed peak hype and I am actively involved as an advisor in companies with blockchain at there core.  So I was particularly intrigued when my legal counsel Dan Brush from when I sold my company TVN told me he was now COO and counsel to a crypto wallet and exchange XS2 here in Australia.  His partner CEO and founder Bart Jellema has built and sold several companies including TJoos which was acquired by Internet Brands.

The aims of this conversation were to understand the fundamental principals behind blockchain and cryptocurrency.  It’s pretty rare in this space that you get a combination of tech engineer/entrepreneur and legal counsel to explain what is really happening.  I think you will enjoy this show if you – like me are still trying to claw back the underlying value of blockchain and cryptocurrency from the vapour and hype that surrounds the industry.  Bart and Dan are both incredibly smart and the conversation was really enjoyable.