Episode 1 – Brad Shofer on the origins of a billion dollar company

Episode One - 1 hr 24mins

This episode follows the founder’s journey of Brad Shofer, founder of the now iconic accounting software MYOB.
MYOB was one of the first high profile tech IPO’s in Australia and Brad’s journey was really enjoyable to listen to and remarkably shared many coincidences with the journey that I went through with TVN.
As with many of the successful guests that I have interviewed on the Podcast, Brad has used his business success to continue to develop as a person.
Brad has the analytical mind you would expect with a certified accountant but has the entrepreneurial drive and vision that you associate with founders.   Its the winning combination that makes him such a great mentor to younger entrepreneurs and investor backing companies such as Xero, Airtasker and Canva either personally or through Carthona Capital in which he is an advisor.
I think you will find the episode equally interesting if you are looking for the inspiration to start a company, an investor to looking to pick the next billion company or if you are deep in the daily grind of company life looking to gain perspective.