Episode 2 – Bobby Walia Modern Golf

Episode Two

This episode is what it says on the tin and is for all the golfers out there in the constant search to get better. BOBBY Walia is a certified PGA instructor, who has played professionally on the sunshine tour, he’s played the best golf courses in the world as the onboard instructor of the ship called The world and is an all-round great human and teacher.

With more time on my hands these days I am a walking cliche “obsessed with golf” its hard, its addictive and if you have never been addicted to it you will not be able to comprehend spending four and half hours chasing a ball around in various states of torture. I hear golf repeatedly described as an allegory for life’s trials and tribulations. For someone like me who has spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to control the mind and the impact it has on physiology, golf has an incredible appeal. If you are a golfer or have been considering golf you will get a lot out of this, for anyone else interested in the mental side of sport I think you would also enjoy.