#8 Charlotte Rose Hamlyn: An artist in love with science

Episode Eight 60 Minutes

How do you balance creative thinking whilst ensuring you have output? Can you apply the scientific method to art? What is the future of art in an ever more technological world? My guest this week Charlotte Rose Hamlyn, is a renaissance human, whose creative output across various platforms whilst pondering the scientific method would have made Leonardo smile.
Charlotte is a published author with Penguin Random House, of the children’s graphic novel Opposite Land, screenwriter of various kids TV shows including Beat Bugs, which is one of my all-time Netflix favourites, Host of Channel 7’s TV show Get Arty.
We jump right into the creative process that Charlotte goes through including a model for getting bad ideas out of the way called the 10 from 10.  We discuss how to use the scientific method in the creation of art. As well as wide-ranging discussions on equality in the TV industry, the future of art and as always a view on the utopian or dystopian path ahead.
I recommend checking out some of Charlotte’s work at www.charlotterosehamlyn.com  where you can find insightful how-to videos on how she created the graphic novel Opposite Land,  some of her latest animated work for Netflix Motown Magic and lots of interactive content. Charlotte can also be found on Instagram @charlotterosehamlyn
This episode will give you insight into the day to day process of one of Australia’s leading creatives and might also make you giggle from time to time. I am personally in awe of the fact that Charlotte manages to be at the top of the game in so many areas. As with many of the guests that I have interviewed for the show, Charlotte is clearly very gifted but as you will hear, she is also incredibly dedicated to her craft, has episodes of self-doubt but is continually brave in putting herself and her work out there. Hope you enjoy!