#5 Gary Gorrow – Clarity in a hectic world

Exploring human potential through the eyes of world-class leaders in technology, business, sport and health.
On this week’s show, we have my good friend, mentor and business partner Gary Gorrow.  Gary is a leading Vedic meditation teacher, surfer, and general wise soul.   He works with a host of celebrities, executives, sports teams.
I first met Gary when my life from everything from my business, to my personal life was going to shit.  In hindsight, Gary teaching me to meditate gave me not on only a daily release valve, but also gave me an awareness of the need for balance that I did not have before which has helped not only in business but as a husband and a father.
The recording follows on from a couple of days we had spent on our land in glorious Byron Bay which we are currently developing into a wellness retreat. We covered everything from Gary’s journey from fashion to a spiritual guide, to the ethics and potential use cases of Gene editing and precision healthcare.
Listening to Gary is good for the soul, he helped change my life I would highly recommend it!