Learnings from Andrew Carnegie and his Gospel of Wealth

The Gospel of Wealth – Edinburgh August 2018

I read a biography about Andrew Carnegie the Scottish American business magnate/philanthropist a few years ago, which has influenced me a great deal.  He springs to mind as I board a train to Scotland for a few days as part of my grand tour from Australia via Western Europe, The Balkans and the US. Carneigies gospel of wealth essays laid the framework for the modern day titans of philanthropy Gates/Buffett etc to invest their entire fortunes into social ventures before they die.  Carnegie was born into humble beginnings, the son of a handloom weaver, he saw technology wipe out his family’s main source of income.  He moved from Scotland to Pittsburgh in the United States as a youth and soon started making his name in railroad companies as a man of immense positivity who got the job done.  He was a visionary and saw the role that steel, and the railroads would play in building America.  Through a mixture of opportunism and some questionable employee relation moves, he became the richest man in the world.  He was driven by what he believed was a higher goal of creating wealth to personally invest in society and embarked on a series of initiatives to play statesman in the US’s fledgeling foreign policy endeavours.    Learning about his life has left a number of indelible marks on me.

  1. Business is a game that should be enjoyed and played with a smile on your face
  2. Education is the key to the growth of the individual and society. One should never stop learning and everyone should be given the skills of curiosity to want to continue to learn.
  3. Wealth, when leveraged for good, is incredibly powerful and should never be dismissed
  4. Travel and appreciate the diversity of the world

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