about Peter

about Peter

about Peter

Hailing from the grassroots of northern England, and having gained financial freedom due to the sale of his company in his mid 30’s, Peter is now exploring human potential through the eyes of leaders in business, technology, sport and health.

Currently residing next to the beaches of Sydney, in quite the picturesque life, Peter’s experiences define the balance it takes to have success in businesses, personal relationships and health.

Having peaked in his sporting prowess at nine years of age, when he passed his Shotokan karate black belt, he foolishly played rugby league at various representative levels only to be constantly reminded that it’s a tough sport to play at 70 kg’s. Being able to take a beating and being agile enough to give one back came in handy in the startup tech world, as following spells working for companies that were eventually acquired by Microsoft, he left to start an automated marketplace for buyers and sellers of video advertising called TVN.

TVN became one of the biggest marketplaces for video in Asia Pacific, trading in 9 different countries with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Auckland. With flashbacks to his days underweight playing rugby league, the good fight as an independent business taking on the Goliaths of Google and Facebook came to an end as part of a mutually successful acquisition of TVN by NASDAQ listed company Tremor Video (now Telaria).

The journey was not without its pound of flesh, though. Peter dealt with pneumonia, seizures, failed relationships, financial meltdowns, legal disputes, parenting challenges, and loss of friendships all before turning 30.

The upside of these experiences was the opportunity to grow and find meaning outside of the drivers that had been the motivators for the first 30 years of life: sex, money and ego.
Peter’s obsessive evangelical nature led him to explore the mind from Eastern and Western wisdom, as well as investigating the drivers of elite physical conditioning.


Peter is currently an investor and advisor in several businesses and organisations including the Pyjama Foundation, Ziva, Outbranch, Player’s Voice, SOMA Byron Bay and One Life.

With a lifetime’s worth of experience under his belt and surrounded by connections to leaders in technology, business, sport and health, Peter has been investigating the potential for
humanity through the unique viewpoint of outliers in society.